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SEO Copywriter Portland, OR

Search Engine Optimized Brand Copy

Oh hello! I'm Chris. I've been a copywriter and digital strategist for 20 years. I've worked with businesses large and small on everything from brand strategy and positioning to writing product descriptions and SEO audits. I also happen to run a 20 person branding agency with my brother, called Murmur Creative. This is just all to say that if you need help, I'VE GOT YOU.


  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Voice & Tone
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Strategy


My hourly rate is 100 an hour. Projects that involve 10 hours or more can sometimes be priced at a lower rates.

Why Work With Me?

Well, it's kinda a no-brainer. You'll get senior level agency talent without having to pay agency prices. And I'll get to work with cool small businesses like yours where I can make a big impact. It's win win!